The Museum

Museo di Castello Pandone

The museum a permanent institution at the service of the community and her development, accessible to the public, not aimed at making benefits, acquiring the material testimonies of man and his environment, preserving them, doing research on them, showing and commenting on them for purposes of study, education and pleasure.

Codice ICOM, 2004

Situated on the border of Lazio, Campania and Abruzzo, Venafro, the “Gateway to Molise”, is also home to The National Museum of Molise, hosted in Pandone Castle.

Made possible through the dedication of the local offices of the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural activities, the museum showcases Molise’s important artistic heritage, inspired by modern approaches to the relationship between central and local culture which highlight their complementarity in the creation of a country’s cultural history.

The museum collection includes both local and national artifacts that have come to Pandone Castle from the Neapolitan museums of Capodimonte and San Martino, the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica in Rome and the Palazzo Reale of Caserta.

Visitors are offered a dual itinerary: the castle, in itself a museum, with its beautiful architectural and decorative features, and the exhibition of frescoes, sculptures, paintings, drawings and prints on the second floor. These works, arranged in chronological order from Medieval to Baroque, showcase the diverse tastes and cultural choices of both patrons and artists in Molise.