The Territory


Up on the edge of the plain the landscape reaches to the nearby mountains with the lazy sweetness of its slopes and banks thick with olive trees, topped by utterly green, leafy crowns; the copious plants in tidy arrangement make up a wood, united by a congenial solidarity of existence.

(Francesco Jovine)

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The Castle

Castello Pandone

“più bello et expugnabele per nuy refacto che non fo may”


Ricorso dei venafrani, agosto 1487, Archivio Caetani, perg. 2720, 23


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The Museum

Museo di Castello Pandone

The museum a permanent institution at the service of the community and her development, accessible to the public, not aimed at making benefits, acquiring the material testimonies of man and his environment, preserving them, doing research on them, showing and commenting on them for purposes of study, education and pleasure.

Codice ICOM, 2004

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In Molise

I luoghi della cultura


Apr 9, 2013


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